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Service of machine tools

Efficiency and high quality are most important in the production of equipment. Producing defective parts entails the risk of losing important customers and the loss of time and money. Our company is guided by the principle of best customer satisfaction by offering high quality services, which is possible thanks to cooperation with world market leaders in the production of measurement systems, such as:
Heidenhain, Renishaw, m & hHexagon, Marposs, Wenzel.


System 3D provides a service and machine tool diagnostics. Repair services are necessary if you notice problems such as:

  • decrease in accuracy of machine tools,
  • undercuttings appear on the workpiece detail,
  • no shape is obtained on the workpiece,
  • Service states that the time has come to replace the bolts.

In these cases, you need to perform a diagnostic test in our service of machine tools. Thanks to regularly carried out texts, it is possible to identify all the risks and problems. Diagnosis is able to show up potential dangers before they reach a critical state. This gives you the opportunity to avoid considerable disruptions in production, which could have a dramatic impact on the entire system of production and work of machines in the enterprise. Planning during maintenance and service minimizes the loss and inconveniences. Many errors can be corrected within a few minutes. However, you should know where and how to detect them.

Company System 3D offering diagnostic tests, can detect and remove partially the following errors:


  • cyclic error
  • lag error
  • Recurrence error
  • Discontinuity error
  • Straightness error
  • Perpendicular error
  • Failure to switch axis
  • Scale error
  • Spiral error
  • Rotation sync error
  • axial play
  • lateral play
  • three-convexity
  • vibration
  • change of offset
  • change of rays



qc20 Calibration of the machine via a wireless Renishaw QC20-W ballbar reduces the potential risk of rework and the necessity for scrapping components. It also minimizes downtime by lowering production costs. Bluetooth wireless technology ensures no problems with handling wires, tests with the machine tool door closed reducing the likelihood of damage.

We invite you to use our service in the maintenance of machine tools. We offer fast and efficient measures to increase the efficiency and safety of equipment operation.


Some errors can be eliminated by a corresponding change in the parameters.



We perform tests on multi-axis machines using the VTL adapter and on lathes also with the Y-axis, using a set of accessories for the lathe. We can also test the multi-spindle and multi-head machines.


Diagnosis of double spindle lathes


Using extra extension rods, it is possible to perform tests over the circles with a radius of up to 1350 mm. Test kits for a small circle allows a test on a circle with a radius of 50 mm to be carried out.


Diagnosis of horizontal lathes