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The company System 3D offers you precise probes for fast and accurate data collection dimensional and shape of the measured surface. We work with leading manufacturers in this industry measurement systems elektrostykowymi and scanning probes for CNC machine tools and CMMs CMM.Doradzamy in the selection of all systems on the market pomiarowych.Staramy all the time expand our offerings and now offer you the Renishaw measuring systems business, Heidenhain , Marposs, m&h Hexagon Metrology, Haimer, Metrol. 

Renishaw Heidenhain Marposs
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m&h Hexagon Metrology Haimer Metrol
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Helping you in the selection of probes take into account the following criteria:

  • kind of detail which we measure
  • the measuring range
  • directions measurements
  • number of axles, which will be executed measurement
  • machine control
  • technical possibilities of connecting probe

The company also System 3D has in its offer the following services:

  • sale of the measuring system
  • installation, calibration and training of service measurement system
  • the development of measurement technology
  • integrating measurements with a machining program
  • probes integration with CAD / CAM

VERY IMPORTANT: Whenever you replace a STEM probe should be calibrated!

Calibrate touch probe for FANUC

Calibrate touch probe for  HEIDENHAIN