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The company System 3D offers a wide assortment of pins (fingers) and measuring probes accessories companies Renishaw, Heidenhain, Marposs, m&h, Zeiss, etc., Blum

Guarantee a thorough probe operation is suitable for the selection of the correct spindle.

Depending on the application mandrels are made of different materiałów.Trzony and holder are typically made of aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics, tungsten carbide, carbon fiber, and most tytanu.Końcówka measuring stylus is made of synthetic ruby and its ball, cylinder or plate.

We offer: styli straight, cylindrical, star, saucers, with the tip of hemispherical, angular, with internal thread and pins to probe tool, with thread M2, M3, M4, M5 and without thread (M&H).

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trzpienie_pomiarowe_z_drazona_kula.jpg trzpienie_cylindryczne

All styli with thread:

M2 fit Polls: TP2, TP20, TP200, REVO25M

M3 fit Polls: TP1, TP6 REVO SP25M, TS220, TS440, TS640, TS649, TS740

M4 fit Polls: TP7, SP600, TP800, MP3, MP10, MP12, OMP40, OMP60, RMP60, MP700,

                   OMP400, RMP600, T18, TS30, OTS30, T25, TL25, T36, TT25, TT25H, TT60

M5 fit Polls: SP80, SP2, SP2-1


VERY IMPORTANT: Whenever you replace a STEM probe should be calibrated!