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Meeting the technological development and the needs of our customers, System3D offers measurement software for CNC machine tools, which allows easy programming of probes in the same way as the measuring machine. We deliver and run the software measurement of reputable manufacturers - Productivity + Mastercam X7 Productivity + plug-in GibbsCAM Productivity + Plug-in and OMV Renishaw, 3D Shape Inspector Marposs and PC-DMIS NC Gage and 3D Form Inspect M & H. We also provide training in the use of the above software.


Active Editor Pro Renishaw is an independent "all in one" solution for the creation of probing cycles with the machine tool remotely via a CAD interface. Use Renishaw probing routines for tool setting and breakage detection, part set-up and its control. All these operations are essential for ensuring control of the production process. Existing programs for machine tools can be read and measurement operations added, eliminating the need for cutting and pasting into text editors or on machine editing. Items can be selected directly from the imported CAD model, which means that the generation of probing cycles is even easier. In addition to the solid model interface, Active Editor Pro includes all the features of process control which are included in the Active Editor package.

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Mastercam X7 Productivity+

Renishaw’s Productivity+ for in-process gauging adds the ability to use a measuring probe on a machine tool to determine fixture offsets, orientation, and critical dimensions. Manual job setup and inspection are time consuming and error-prone. Probing eliminates the need for tool presetters, expensive fixtures, and manual setting with dial indicators. Probing is fast and reliable and using Productivity+ allows for machine offsets to be automatically adjusted, even during machining, to further enhance the manufacturing process.



Productivity+™ GibbsCAM®

Using the Productivity + GibbsCAM means that currently it can be programmed to measure and simulate the complete process of working within a single application, before you start cutting. Productivity + enables a probe to be added which behaves exactly the same way as any other tool in the GibbsCAM instrumentation package, but carries out the tasks of measurement, not a cut. The probe is supported through programming and simulation, and the final output code G includes one file that contains both processing and measurements. For users of GibbsCAM Productivity + GibbsCAM module is an obvious choice because of the ease and rate of addition of probing cycles to machining operations.

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Do not wait for the results of measurements of the CMM so as to find out that you need to improve detail or carry out what is missing. Take decisions even at the stage when you can solve the problem still at the CNC machine tool. Renishaw OMV offers you a unique solution for the verification of parts and tooling on CNC machine tool, be sure that your production is accurate by removing all processing errors in your machine. The results output of Renishaw OMV are presented in the form of a graphical interface as well as a table of results designed so that it is readable and understandable to all, allowing you to make a decision at the time when errors are detected.

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Marposs Mida 3D shape inspection software, together with Mida probing systems, offers significant advantages in the measurement and inspection of sculptured parts directly in the machine. In addition to checking the part shape and its dimensions, 3D Shape Inspector allows for immediate reworking of out of tolerance measurements due to the part remaining on the machine where it's manufactured. Saving time and money! Use of Marposs Mida probes gives extremely high precision measurements.




Save time and improve accuracy by eliminating the use of manual measurements, automating the adjustment and control process of the machine using probes. PC-DMIS NC Gage is designed to completely eliminate manual measuring instruments. The software frees you from creating complex macros and measuring probe program with clear icons interface that has a unique feature of learning measurements allowing the operator to measure even very complex parts quickly and easily directly on the machine while creating a colour measurement report. All measuring cycles created in PC-DMIS NC Gage are run in MDI or NC and so the program can be used for both cycles of individual and mass production.

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3D Form Inspect

3D Form Inspect - the proven solution for your success. Measuring and quality control on the machine tool is gaining increasing importance in progressive manufacturing plants. This software enables quick, easy measuring and logging of important geometries and shapes on all sides and with all axes directly on the machine tool. This saves time, provides safety, and enhances quality.

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Metrosoft QUARTIS

Metrosoft QUARTIS is the latest generation of measuring software whose architecture was designed with the future in mind. The software package, distinguished by its yet intuitive complexity is one of the most powerful and widely used solutions on the market. Even with highly complex components, the user obtains a quick and easy way to reliable measurement results.