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Wenzel Präzision GmbH was founded in 1968. Wenzel is a precision, technological competence and innovation in areas such as coordinate measuring technique, technique for measuring gear and optical scanning at high speed. Today, the company, founded as a family business is one of the most important producers in the world measuring machines. The company has 17 subsidiaries worldwide and has a network of sales and service partners in more than 50 countries.

The company System 3D is the official dealer Wenzel in Polski.W offer our services includes: sales, service, repair and maintenance of measuring machines.



3D measuring machines Portal

Measuring Machines portal has been designed for universal applications. They offer a large range, with excellent access to the work area, as well as distinguished by precise, dynamic and reliable operation. 3D portable_.jpg

LH gantry coordinate measuring machine is a type of bridge that was created specifically for the control of bulky and heavy items.

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LHF measuring machine is designed for 3D measurement of large-size components. The workspace accessible from the floor for easy loading and unloading of respondents elements, offering maximum flexibility for the user.

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XOrbit is a versatile measuring instrument, which excels in various areas - from control of the delivery to the final inspection in production, meets all relevant requirements.

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Xcite is a 3D measuring machine manual portal designed to make fast measurements of uncomplicated components. Low cost of ownership makes it an ideal solution for users who are just starting to work with measurement devices.


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Measuring Machines Cantilever

R Series offers a wide range of horizontal arm measuring machines for use with pulse heads, scanning and optical measuring systems. R-series measuring machines perform in a fast and precise measurements of individual components, serial measurements in the production process and a special element analysis.

RSplus is a flexible freestanding measuring machine guides arranged on the sides of the base plate.

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RA machine offers access from floor level, making loading and unloading large items is very simple, and the measurements are carried out quickly and precisely.

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Series RAplus additional fulfills the highest requirements in terms of speed and accuracy.

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The high measuring machine RAX offers above-average standard measuring range and high precision measurements.

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Measurement technique gears 


Equipment to measure gears WGT 280 - WCE 3000 has been designed for precise, easy and quick measurements of different gears and rotationally symmetric parts. In addition to comprehensive measurement capabilities WGT series is also distinguished by excellent ergonomics and ease of use.

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Series gantry CMM LH Gear with turntable allows you to measure both gears and rotationally symmetric parts as well as a wide range of prismatic elements.

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Optical scanning at high speed

The optical measuring system CORE D, distinctive compact design and high stiffness, designed especially for the measurement of turbine blades under production conditions. There are two versions of CORE D multipoint optical measuring system CORE DG designed to record individual measuring points and the measuring system CORE FOR designed to record individual measuring points and scan mode.

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6-axis measuring system CORE M has a thermal stability, resistance to dirt and vibration, and its range allows measurements of elements with dimensions 500 x 500 x 1500 mm. Innovative white light sensor allows for quick registration of measurement points, even in tight spaces and highly reflective surfaces.

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Metrosoft QUARTIS is the latest generation of measuring software whose architecture was built for the future. The software package, distinctive complexity, yet intuitive, is one of the most powerful and widely used solutions for rynku.Nawet with very complex elements the user gets in a quick and easy way reliable measurement results.

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