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The company 3D System has in its wide range of high quality equipment calibration Renishaw: Laser interferometer systems XL-80 and XR20 -W and a telescopic type ballbar Ballbar QC20-W.

Interferometric laser systems and systems with a rod kinematic Renishaw ball assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic parameters of machine tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other mechanical systems, where the position is a factor of critical importance.

Wireless system Ballbar QC20

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This telescoping ballbar type of ball bar offers a simple, fast control of CNC machine tool positioning performance according to recognized international standards (eg. ISO, ASME etc.). This allows the user to test and track the performance of these machines and to quickly diagnose problems that require maintenance release.

Regular testing machine with ballbar helps you to:

  • provide printing on CNC precise subjects right the first time
  • reduce downtime, number of deficiencies and cost control
  • demonstrate compliance with the standards of the parameters of the technical condition and quality management.
  • implement preventive servicing based on facts.

Laser XL-80 system

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Laser interferometric system XL-80 Renishaw offers excellent performance assessment of technical and calibration of mechanical systems, including CMMs and machine tools.

Fast and portable XL-80 system retains the key virtues of accuracy, reliability and durability for everyday use Renishaw's ML10 system. Using the XL-80 system combined with advanced software solutions and excellent operating parameters can greatly improve the efficiency of your company.

Rotary axis calibrator XR 20-W


XR20-W allows the measurement of rotary axis positioning accuracy with the precision of one second of arc. Totally wireless operation and modular mounting systems ensure suitability for a wide range of machines.

Additional software allows the operation of "off axis", essential for many 5-axis machines.

Calibrator XR20-W corresponds to the demand for quick and easy adjustment for a wide range of machine types and axes. It does this through maintaining all the features that ensured the success of its predecessor calibrator RX10, while introducing a much simpler setup and use.