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3D printing (printing 3D) is a process for producing three-dimensional, physical objects based on a computer model.

Initially it was only one method of rapid prototyping used both to build forms and the same prototypów.Wraz the progress of accuracy of objects through a 3D printer, it also became a way of getting ready-made objects, including toys, clothes, jewelry, models, chocolates, and even dentures.

One of the techniques of 3D printing (also of metal) is a selective laser sintering (SLS). It is an incremental method for producing prototype models and tools, whereby the merging of the layers of powder using a light beam laserowego.Takie building a model does not need to generate additional elements podtrzymujących.Elementem supporting projecting part of the model, tilt or closure surfaces here is the material of which the model is built, and which has not undergone the process of spiekania.Całym process is controlled by software installed on a specialized computer station.

This process is carried out using laser radiation from the infrared range, whose source is a CO2 laser (10.6 microns) or Nd: YAG (1.06 .mu.m) .Rozpoczęcie the method consists of spreading a thin layer of powder on a table adjustable in relation to the Z-axis position. This layer serves as a base for the emerging laser przedmiotu.Wiązka is carried out on the powder surface in accordance with the previously entered and properly configured information on the successive layers of the cross-sectional spatial image przedmiotu.Dobór relevant parameters of the laser beam allows the melting or sintering in specific areas of the powder particles. Then the table with powder reduced by a predetermined amount and distributed is another thin layer of powder and particle bonding occurs again. The next layer cross-section of sinter with sobą.Proces is repeated until a consistent obiektu.Po completion of the sintering process and lowering the temperature of the object and the material, purify ready to use the model.

Laser sintering technology enables flexible and low-cost production of small series and individual components, allowing for quick response to customer needs.

In addition, 3D printing is currently used in such industries as:

  • aviation
  • automotive
  • mechanics
  • Robotics
  • equipment
  • medicine (orthopedics, dentistry)
  • jewelery
  • footwear
  • sport equipment
  • utility design
  • general-purpose products

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