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Measurement of length 

Closed Heidenhain linear scales are protected from dust, chips and liquids. An ideal solution for use on machine tools. 

Open Heidenhain linear scales operate without mechanical contact of the head of the scale or measuring tape. A typical area of application of these devices include measuring machines, comparators and other precision instruments used in metrology linear motion, applications and production measurement, for example in the semiconductor industry. 

In the case of linear incremental measurement, the current position is determined by counting measuring steps, starting from the base point or by division and counting signal periods. The HEIDENHAIN incremental scales of incremental scales solution allowing the base point to be determined and reference marks scanned after switching on the machine. This process is particularly simple and quick as a result of the use of reference marks with coded distances. 

Absolute Heidenhain linear scales make it possible to determine the current position without movement. Information about the absolute position is transmitted from the ruler through the EnDat interface or another serial interface.

Closed Heidenhain linear scales: 

  • Accuracy up to ± 2 microns
  • Step measurement of up to 0.001 microns
  • measuring lengths up to 30 m (72 m on request)
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Large Installation tolerances
  • Ability to work with large accelerations
  • Protection against pollution
  • Sealed Heidenhain linear scales are available in the following versions:


With multi-profile body With a little profiled body 
  • Applications that require high resistance to vibration
  • Measuring length up to 30 m.
  • Applications with limited mounting space.
  • Measuring length up to 1 240 mm with the mounting rail or clamping elements to 2 040 mm.

liniał heidenhain


The aluminum body of the closed HEIDENHAIN linear encoders protects the scale measuring element scanning the head and its guide from dust, chips, particles and splashing liquids. Flexible sealing lips close the body from the bottom. The head is moved along the scale on the measuring slide with low friction. The element scanning the head is connected to an outer mount by a flexible linker which compensates the deviation between the nominal position and scale ruler guides of the machine tool. 

Open Heidenhain linear scales 

Open Heidenhain linear scales are dedicated for use in machines and systems, which require high accuracy of the measured value. Typical application areas include:

  • production equipment and measurement equipment in the semiconductor industry
  • machines for PCB assembly
  • ultra-precision machine
  • machines with high accuracy
  • comparators and measuring machines, microscopes and other measuring devices
  • precise measuring instrumentsd
  • direct drives


liniał heidenhain otwarty



System 3D offers a very wide range of linear scales and Heidenhain encoders. Each encoder has a ruler and a precise description of its parameters or model name, length measurement and individual identification number Id. All these data are placed on the label of each product. (Fig. below)

Heidenhain LS1679 liniał pomiarowy

In order to enable you to make a purchase the appropriate ruler or encoder must have the above-mentioned necessary information about the product.

When sending an inquiry, please carefully fill in the form, or in the case of missing or illegible data, accurately describe the item owned.

We present examples of the most popular rulers along with a description in the table below.


Measuring length  (ML)

Number identification (Id)  
Linear LS 603C ML 3040 ID  336973-0A Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 570 ID  557649-11 Send inquiry
Linear LS 487C ML 320 ID  572248-06 Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 170 ID  557653-01 Send inquiry
Linear LC 183 ML 1140 ID  557660-10 Send inquiry
Linear LC 183 ML 3440 ID  557678-18 Send inquiry
Linear LS 186C ML 740 ID  336963-18 Send inquiry
Linear LS 406 ML 1140 ID  329982-37 Send inquiry
Linear LS 176C ML 640 ID  336962-62 Send inquiry
Linear LC 183 ML 1140 ID  557660-10 Send inquiry
Linear LC 183 ML 3440 ID  557678-18 Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 220 ID  557649-04 Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 570 ID  557649-11 Send inquiry
Linear LS 487C ML 320 ID  572248-06 Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 170 ID  557653-01 Send inquiry
Linear LS 803 ML 420 ID  204418-GM Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 820 ID  557649-16 Send inquiry
Linear LS 186C ML 1040 ID  336963-21 Send inquiry
Linear LC 483 ML 420 ID  557654-12 Send inquiry