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Universal Haimer 3D sensor is very precise and versatile measuring instrument for milling machines erosion (insulated sensor tip). Haimer sensor mounted in the spindle milling machine head or erosive allows for accurate positioning of the spindle axis on the edge of the workpiece or bracket. Zero setting and the length measurement can be performed quickly and easily in each of the three axes (X, Y, and Z). The sensor always deflected in the same direction, and shows the distance between the axis of the handle and the edge of the workpiece. Spindle axis is exactly on the edge when the sensor indicates zero. Without further testing, calculation, the sign of trouble. This allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The measuring sensor Haimer UNIVERSAL 3D Taster


The measuring sensor Haimer DIGITAL 3D Taster



Our offer also includes retaining bolts to the sensors Haimer, available   on-line store. haimer_trzpienie_3.jpg