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Productivity+™ - measurement software for CNC machine tools

Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro is a PC based software solution which provides an easy-to-use platform for integrating measurement capability and advanced, intelligent process control functionality across the key stages of machining programs, encompassing predictive process setting, active in-process control and informative reporting

  • Predictive: process‑setting tasks – such as job set‑up, part and tool identification – implemented before machining to ensure that the process runs smoothly.
  • Active: in‑process control tasks – such as tool condition monitoring, tool geometry updates and adaptive machining – implemented during machining to allow adaptation to variations in real‑time cutting conditions.
  • Informative: post‑process reporting tasks provided after machining to provide users with information about a completed process and to help with decision-making for subsequent operations and processes.


Add intelligence to your process

  • Cutting programs automatically adapt based on inspection results
  • Point and click programming from solid models, or program manually without models
  • Full multi-axis support for milling machines, including spindle orientating machine configurations
  • Embed macro programs and custom calculations into the probe routine
  • Integrated tool setting


Comprehensive CAD/CAM compatibility

  • Dynamic help, instructional dialogs and wizards
  • Probe cycle simulation
  • Extensive database of Renishaw probes
  • Construct points, lines, circles and planes from measured features
  • Data reporting via RS232/write to file (controller dependent)
  • Automatic recovery from false triggers and reseat errors




Creating a new part file

  • Productivity+ Active Editor Pro contains a New Part File Wizard that guides users through the steps required to create a new session, including, where necessary, measurement units, importing an existing NC machining program, and importing a solid model.
  • NC program files can also be imported (or pasted from the clipboard) during programming using the G-Code Block icon.
  • Any imported programs can easily be split or re-combined to accommodate the required probing strategy





A range of CAD model formats are supported within Productivity+ Active Editor Pro, some as standard, some as cost options.

Formats supported by Productivity +

File formats
  • IGES
  • Parasolid
  • STEP
  • ACIS
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/E)
  • SolidWorks*
  • NX/Unigraphics
Catalog number Description
 A-5226-0007  Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/E) CAD importer
 A-5226-0008  CATIA CAD importer
 A-5226-0009  NX/Unigraphics CAD importer
 A-5226-0010  ACIS CAD importer
 A-5226-0011  SolidWorks CAD importer
 A-5226-0012  AutoDesk Inventor CAD importer


Once imported, models can be aligned in XY, XZ or YZ, rotated, translated (along a vector or to a point), or deleted via the Solid Model Tools dialog.

Multiple solid models can be inserted into a single session, allowing fixtures, parts and machine geometry to be manipulated, providing the most realistic ‘machine’ environment for programming and simulation.

The Solid Model Tools dialog also allows the colour of imported models to be adjusted, particularly useful where multiple models exist in a single session.

A further dialog allows users to select a feature on the solid model, create a new coordinate system and allocate this to a work coordinate system (WCS) including extended work coordinates on the machine tool.

The Model View menu (right click in the Model Viewer) allows selection of a series of predefined viewing angles – isometric, left, right, top, bottom, back, front – and model shading options – solid, transparent, wireframe).




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