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OMV - measurement software for CNC machine tools

Renishaw OMV is a Microsoft Windows compatible software package which allows you to automatically check compliance of complex machined parts against the relevant CAD model while still on the machine tool, giving you confidence that the part is correct before it is removed.

System features

  • Instant feedback of part conformance
  • Multi-axis machine support
  • Wide range of supported controllers
  • Extensive CAD compatibility
  • Choice of alignment options, including best fit
  • Off-line, PC based programming
  • Geometric feature or freeform surface inspection options
  • Configurable graphical and numerical reporting capability
  • Probe path simulation
  • Protected probe paths
  • Database of Renishaw probes and styli
  • Simple probe qualification



Measurement features

Probed features are split into two groups – 2D features and 3D features. Probed features can have their parameters changed allowing customisation of:

  • Number of points
  • Number of layers
  • Start and finish angles
  • Standoff, backoff and search distance
  • Position of measurement points
  • Height of approach and retract plane







2D features

  • Plane – generated from 3+ user-selected points
  • Circle – automatic generation of probe path with 4+ points, or use user-selected points
  • Line – selected using 2+ user-selected points
  • Slot – automatically identified from CAD geometry, or from user-selected points
  • Rectangle – selected from CAD geometry, or from user-selected points

3D features

  • Cylinder – selected from CAD geometry, or from user-selected points
  • Cone – selected from CAD geometry, or from user-selected points
  • Sphere – selected from CAD geometry, or from user-selected points
  • Surface inspection – specified points probed using a vector normal to the surface, distance is measured from defined surface along probing line
  • Freeform surfaces


Point selection features

Surface or wireframe geometry is selected directly from the model. Double clicking generates surface points and probing vectors are automatically calculated. The probe paths are displayed as green lines with red spheres depicting the probe touch path. The mouse pointer changes to a hand, allowing adjustment of this path.

  • Point-and-click selection of geometric features and freeform surface points
  • Instant generation and visibility of the probe path
  • Full control of tool path
  • Insertion of intermediate moves







Reporting options

Reporting allows the feature parameters to be toleranced and displayed. Individual elements can be switched off if not required.

  • Graphical reporting
  • Display of measured values using colour-coded surface confetti points, call-out labels or in-place values
  • Graduated colour scales drawn with point data
  • At-a-glance view of distribution of point deviations on report printouts




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